Artist Focus: Animal Trainer

Animal Trainer are a global phenomenon from Zurich in Switzerland made up of duo Adrian Flavor and Samy Jackson. They first made it onto the radar as DJ’s both within their own right, but more so when they decided to start their own parties called Rakete at the infamous Hive club in their hometown.

This soon got them a global following and the natural step was into the studio to start producing tracks that encaptured imaginations and ears alike with their unique brand of ‘slow rave’.

Their debut track ‘Talkshow’ really caused an immediate stir resulting in them being headhunted by some of the most established labels on the scene including Defected, Poker Flat and more before they embarked on the obvious step of creating their own imprint… Hive Audio.

One of their biggest tracks to date which may ring a bell with those of you not familiar with the duo is their own version of the contemporary classic ‘Big Jet Plane’ which is just an infectious and beautiful piece of electronic musical remix mastery of the original track by Jan Blomqvist.

For the last ten years their productions have continued to evolve and garner the boys even more attention, and gigs, which is why we, and you, should definitely head down to Omnia on Sunday 13th October to check them out. One track you are sure to hear is their latest release, out just a couple of weeks ago called ‘Ameron’ which has a KILLER old school rave style stab that just makes you want to dance and dance and dance!

Whilst very serious about their music the duo also have a rep for being very serious about their partying, something lost on a lot of electronic artists these days and something that gives an artist the soul to understand what the dancefloor wants and needs…. To be taken away on an interplanetary jet plane to another world… and then home ☺

If you can not wait till Sunday 13th October then enjoy this mix from the boys set at Feel Festival on the Exit Stage last year!!