A master of his art and one of New York’s underground trailblazers, Anthony Parasole can be found challenging dancefloors worldwide with his music. Before his lifelong love affair with electronic music, which eventually landed him recognition as a legend of the underground House and Techno resurgence of NYC, he was wildly into Hip-Hop from the late-80s to mid-90s. His vast appreciation of music over genres is what makes Parasole – THE man!

His involvement in the gritty New York street music and culture scene has influenced his style till this day and also his entire artistic aesthetic of his labels (yes, plural!). Kicking off his career in music as a record buyer for the record store Halcyon, Parasole’s passion for the deepest sounds of Techno and House made him a household name within his city’s underground dance music resurgence in the late 2000s.

But what really got him on the radar in New York was the event series, “New Jack City” at the great APT, that he started with his co-workers at Halcyon – bringing in cutting-edge talents from the Tri-state area, the event series landed Parasole numerous bookings at big-named clubs, including Pacha NYC & Shelter.

The year 2012 was a big one for Parasole. As he went on to launch his label ‘The Corner’ which was an instant success, with it’s first release ‘Tri-State’ by DJ Qu and Nor’easter selling out world-wide. ‘Atlantic Ave’ by Anthony Paralose and Phil Moffa followed suit, receiving critically acclaimed reviews from multiple online magazines. Another success he had that year, was with the launch of his other label ‘Deconstruct Music’ with his partner Levon Vincet. Their release of ‘Invisible Bitchslap’ by Levon Vincet sold out in a week, putting the label on the map and having influential stores clamoring for more. The cherry on top that year, was the drop of Parasole’s breakout track ‘TYSON’ which was featured on the highly acclaimed Fabric 63 Mix with ‘Deconstruct’.

The following year was no different for Parasole, as it marked the fast rise of ‘The Corner’ dominating in the Techno scene. The labels’ releases came out with much anticipation and highly recommended reviews, landing it on many year-end lists including Resident Advisor’s ‘Top Labels of the Year’, ranked at #8. In the same year, he also dropped his three-track EP ‘Off the Grid’ that sold out in a few weeks,

The sound of his curation and production spread like wildfire, propelling him into playing international gigs in over 35 countries. Parasole ultimately made the progression to resident at the world-famous Berlin club, Berghain. From there he began shaping his sound and technique, pushing his deep, raw, rhythmic, percussive and mesmerizing sound that club-goers have to come to recognize and love.


This heavyweight in techno will be behind the decks at Red Ruby on November 9th, but before his highly anticipated set – We decided to pre-game and curate some of Anthony Parasole’s tracks that have been a game changer for him.

We’re gonna start off strong, with a little nostalgia thrown in – Parasole’s first breakdown track in 2012 ‘TYSON’ with ‘Deconstruct’ that is featured on the highly acclaimed Fabric 63 Mix.

If there’s any artist out there who can get one track on numerous charts, it’s Anthony Parasole. An impressive feat, that we just couldn’t skip on adding this track to the list!

When an artist can take a track and make it sicker – we’ve gotta give him props! His take on this remix feed our inner music souls!

Remember when we mentioned his instantly successful label, ‘The Corner’? We’ll we’re here to fully deliver to you the track he released off that label with Phil Moffa that ranked #8 on Resident Advisor’s Top Labels of the Year in 2012.

We’re all suckers for anything ‘most viewed’, so it was only logical to throw in his track with the most views on Youtube and most plays on Spotify.

We started this curation of tracks with a throwback to Parasole’s first breakout track, so we thought we’d end it off with something more recent – His Techno mix set in South Africa, which was a breath of fresh air.

Catch the colorful Anthony Parasole at Red Ruby on November 9th and avoid catching FOMO.