Another slick booking from the guys at Potato Head with UK based Hidden Spheres coming to the Island Of The Gods on Friday 30th August. Tom Harris as he is more commonly known is another quality electronic musician produced from the rainy city of Manchester, which is synonymous with great producers and DJ’s alike.


With releases on labels such as Lobster Theremin and his own show on the iconic NTS Radio, Tom went on to set up his own label Fruit Merchant to allow himself more freedom to support other producers he drew inspiration from or felt deserved a platform as well as an outlet for his own releases of course.

Below are some of the releases on his Fruit Merchant label:

Like many DJ’s from Manchester he loves to cross genres throughout his sets but always keeping that soulful groove as a constant, allowing his music to truly enter into the hearts and souls of those on the dance floor keeping the energy levels exactly where they need to be dependent on the elements any quality DJ always looks for during a set based on what’s in front of him.


As a bonafide record collector, this allows him the ability and freedom to effortlessly move the night where it needs to go without being restrained by what he has at his fingertips. Definitely, one to check out if you know your musical onions and to give you an idea of what to expect here is a recent mix from Hidden Spheres who will be supported by the intelligent sounds of island favourites the Tantrà collective from 7 PM onwards…


Don’t miss this one!