Can there surely be 3 more cities to be intrinsically connected to than Detroit, Berlin and London when it comes to electronic music?! Well that’s exactly what you have with Ryan Crosson the head man at legendary label Visionquest!

Brought up on the likes of Plastikman, Matthew Dear, Magda, and Villalobos his own musical landscape when performing go way beyond techno with which he is synonymous with anything likely to drop from Funk to Jazz and anything in between and beyond!


Alongside Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves, Ryan is responsible for running Visionquest Records, one of dance music’s most cherished and eclectic imprints. Ryan and his partners in Visionquest have honed a whole new landscape of lush, organic techno and esoteric leftfield electronica. In 2014, Ryan helped oversee the construction of Visionquest’s newest ventures —their digital arm and sub-label Brachtune, as well as Visionquest Special Editions, a vinyl only imprint that leans towards the kind of after-hours, dubby tracks that will remind long-time friends and fans of Ryan’s early morning sets in the notorious “Tech Club” basement.


An enthusiastic and hardworking DJ, Ryan criss crosses the world both as a solo act and as part of the Visionquest trio. In past years he’s been a regular at such clubs as Fabric, DC10, Cityfox and his personal favorite Club der Visionaere in Berlin. A recent move back to the States finds him settling in Brooklyn, New York with a mind to head back into the studio for multiple long term projects. In addition to EPs on Hallucienda, Visionquest and Roche Madame a second album with long time friend and partner Cesar Merveille is in the works. The new album will see the pair continuing to mesh live classical and jazz musicians with modular and analog based electronics to create a unique twist on contemporary electronic music.