Oh boy, do we have something new for you here at Secret Bali Life. Our new addition: Test Track –  where we put artists to the test by, laying down 5 scenarios and getting them to respond with a track. We’re firing up this new addition with Aracil, who’ll be playing at Omnia on December 8th. Now let’s get into it!

At this point, we’re just going to say – When you come from a ‘Musician Family’ there’s a high probability you’re going to end up in a long-life of music. The one thing that made Aracil stand out from this crowd though: His unfiltered pursuit for his career in music.

Aracil’s personal sound is a mixture of energy and harmonies, running between melancholy and euphoria – distinguishing his sound as a singular unique style of production. He’s consistently trying to push the boundaries and tell a story with every song.

Before Aracil made his life-changing move to Ibiza in 2012, he took a detour to London at the young age of 17, where he expanded his musical culture. This became a huge turning point for him, as he ended up discovering his skills as a DJ and debuted his first ever performance there. Eventually, Aracil made moves to Ibiza, where he started working on his first productions. From being apart of the Ibiza scene, he’s gone on to perform in a majority of the best known venues on the island – Sankeys, Space, Pacha, Privilege, Ushuaia (or Km5), Destino Pacha and many others. Ultimately landing him best new incomer DJ-producer of 2015 by ‘Emerging Ibiza’ and also, being part of ‘Dancefair Ibiza’ that same year.

Back in 2013, Aracil left ‘No Preset Production Academy’ in Satander and continued to work hard both in production and in it’s staging. Aracil has even shared a booth with the great artist that is, Paul Reynolds. Who has said that his style is very similar to that of Henrik Schwarz, for his taste of harmonies. His goal is to prepare his first ever live set with ten of his own songs, that highlights his taste for Soul music whilst still having the essence of electronic music. 

The DJ and producer has announced his 2019 Asian Tour and with his first stop being Bali, he’s ready to dominate Asian with his music. He’ll be working his magic behind the decks on December 8th at Omnia Bali, but before that epicness happens. We got Aracil to drop us some tracks according to our hit-and-miss fiver selection, such as: “A friend asks you to pick a track for the first dance at his wedding…” So click play and get a taste of his music, and get pre-hyped for Aracil before he lands in the Island of the gods.



One record in your collection you wouldn’t give up, for any price.

Laurent Garnier – The Man with the Red Face 

Name a great track to get your day started on the right foot? 

Seven Nation Army ( Ben l’oncle soul Version)

A track that would be perfect for a rainy day.

Nils frahm – Says

A friend asks you to pick a track for the first dance at his wedding… 

Otis Redding – Try a little tenderness

With NYE round the corner what would be a good choice as a midnight banger?

Bicep – Glue

Catch this titan work his magic behind the decks at Omnia on December 8th.