MCMLXXXV (1985), whose real name is Nicole Endlicher, is not just an event organiser and DJ – He’s also one of the founders of Berlin’s most legendary parties: Herrensauna. A collective that’s pushing the boundaries in what appears to look like a saturated market for hedonism and play. 

Back in the days, heavy music like black metal, death metal and hardcore punk were what filled Endlicher’s ears. It was the kind of music that offered a repetitive element, that he ultimately found in techno as well. At 18, he started going to parties and that’s where he came into contact with electronic music for the first time and began his journey towards MCMLXXXV. During this time he would enter the world-famous club, Berghain, which would influence him massively and give him a life changing experience.

Endlicher is using his platform to liberate gender and sexuality with every event he hosts –  following a long tradition that Berlin is known for. Back in the early days, he was searching for acceptance, a community, for something more extreme, for something more open-minded. Eventually, he created his own free space filled with banging music and uncaged sexuality – Finally, a safe space he had deeply yearned for. Herrensauna quickly became a no-brainer leading the founders to host residency nights in clubs all over Europe, due to the massive success of their first party. They didn’t intend to be the creators of a new techno-platform in Berlin, with a particularly strong concept – but that’s exactly what they did. 

The charismatic party collective is turning Berlin’s gay underground into a frenzy, by bringing a breath of fresh air to the scene in a musical sense, yet curating a space of throbbing energy, a basement full of sweat and subtle positivity, an invitation to freedom, an incentive. Although Herrensauana is an insanely popular night, they retain their slots for lesser acclaimed, upcoming artists. A collective that’s climbing the ranks, but never forgets its roots – mad respect!

The experience at a MCMLXXXV event is… no restrictions. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, as long as you don’t hurt anybody or yourself. That is the vibe that’ll be transported through the night, and you can see how people respond to it and how relaxed and open-minded everyone is. Often the result is that people – men and women – take their clothes off! Girl’s flood their parties, because they feel free and don’t have to fear annoying glances from others. That’s because his music isn’t your trendy watered down Techno, this is ‘scare your parents’ kind of Techno, This is REAL Techno, Basically… PROPER BANGING TECHNO!!

MCMLXXXV is coming in strong on November 22nd at Red Ruby, but before he gets us ripping our clothes off on the dancefloor with the full blown Herrensauna experience. Let us give you a taste of the eccentric and unique sound of MCMLXXXV – with a playlist of his legendary sets!

Most Recent Set – MCMLXXXV | Boiler Room Festival | Day 4: Club

Always great to stay current, so we’re starting this party off with his most recent set at Boiler Room!

Unreleased Track – MCMLXXXV | Boiler Room Set 

Gotta love an unofficially released track! This intro set is from his Herrensauna Boiler Room set in Tresor, Berlin. It’s a rad mix of Spirydon by Push and with other tracks.

Opening Set with Herrensauna – MCMLXXXV l 1 Jahr 

Of course we have to include a set he’s done with Herrensauna, back in 2016. Get a feel of their legendary parties as the collective!

Herrensauna Opening Set – MCMLXXXV

Another great one from MCMLXXXV with Herrensauna is this recording of his opening set for Herrensauna #13 on February 11th at Bertrams, Berlin.

Boiler Room Set 2018 – MCMLXXXV

Bittersweet ending to this playlist – we’re ending this off with his Boiler Room set last year. As you can tell by now he’s pretty mint at Boiler Room!

Don’t miss a wild night with MCMLXXXV at Red Ruby on November 22nd and catch FOMO – lock this down… now!