Hailing straight out of Sydney, where dozens of sun-bathed beaches pepper the striking coastline, is Bali’s spin-off of Double Bay’s Mrs Sippy. The place is on a whole different spectrum to what Bali is accustomed to, one step inside the space and you’ll feel yourself transported into a whole Mediterranean inspired oasis – Mrs Sippy still keeps little touches of the much-loved essence of Bali, give you a unique Mediterranean Asia-Pacific fusion experience.

Mrs Sippy is definitely the biggest play yet, in the Australian invasion of the holiday island’s hospitality scene. Since swinging their doors open in 2016 in Seminyak, they’ve only predominantly grown in popularity and it’s become an iconic venue in its own right… a pretty badass one in fact. Being the trailblazers of the islands largest salt water swimming pool (yes, SALTWATER!), with a 1,3 and 5 meter diving platform to slinging out expertly shaken cocktails whilst having the islands best local and international DJs spinning tropical tunes on the daily – they’ve subtly become the rockstars of pool clubs, restaurants and bars in Bali.

With it’s Mediterranean-Mykonos feels, the venue is a straight stunner that looks like it’s out of the pages of Architectural Digest – Co-owner Ben May has joked that it makes some of the pool clubs in Australia “feel like above ground pools in the ‘burbs’ by comparison.” Mrs Sippy has fast become Bali’s preferred haven for international travellers in pursuit of sun, sand, salt and good times. The huge-scale venue, spanning 6000 square meters, is fit for a day to night party of epic proportions. With seating for 500 – 600 diners and a kitchen rocking a five-metre grill, with a pizzaiolo flown in from Naples – You’re in for a menu laying it on thick with fresh, locally sourced seafood, using traditional wood firing techniques, whilst surrounded by a luxurious and spacious venue.

Mrs Sippy isn’t just a pretty face though, they’re also consistently booking certified dance-floor crowd pleasers in the music industry. They’ve got the sensational Colour Castle banging out poolside grooves, late-night rompers and melodic four to floor rhythms on December 14th and we’ve done our fun new feature addition with him titled ‘Test Track, where we put artist to the challenge of selected tracks according to scenarios we’ve thrown at them. Read all about it right here: (https://bit.ly/2qHJKv5)

The highly-anticipated return of the mega house duo, Sneaky Sound System on December 21st is also on this months calendar. After crushing it at their 3-month residency with Mrs Sippy, the pair return for one night to give you a taste of their grooving-chart topper- hits! We went in deep with them on our feature article which you can find here (https://bit.ly/35b5BtP), hitting it from when they began till now and shot them a few of our burning questions.

We will also be releasing a feature focus on Mrs Sippy’s killer New Year Day headliner – Touch Sensitive very soon! In the meantime, we caught up with the Music Director who’s in charge of the music in the largest pool club in Bali, Ryan Crowe. A little gist of Crowe, when he first touched base in Bali, he spent his first 18 months playing gigs in the biggest spots in town like; Singlefin, The Lawn, Da Maria and Mrs Sippy. He eventually parked in the position he is now, where he manages 8 daily resident DJs and books the weekly international guests; from the likes of Pete Tong, Duke Dumont, Claptone, Bag Raiders, Yolanda Be Cool, Touch Sensitive, Dr Packer to Late Nite Tough guy, just to name a few.

Now let’s step out of the mundane and into the mind of Ryan Crowe, as he lets us in on what’s going on with  Mrs Sippy, how he has elevated the music within the venue, and the creativity behind his DJ name ‘DisCrow’.

You guys have an awesome line-up for December with, Sneaky Sound System’s return, Colour Castle, Bag Raiders and Touch Sensitive all coming to play. What’s your strategy for bookings and production at your events?


I try to keep the acts that I book pretty balanced between Australian and International guests. I have figured out what works and what doesn’t in the venue and majority of our customers are Australian, so bringing in the Australian heavy weights that have been around and know how to perform keeps the crowd happy and brings in the numbers. 

Our venue is just as amazing at night, as it is during the day and once the sun goes down and our staging and lighting comes alive, so does the crowd and the energy.


With Bali having so many music events, what’s a unique selling point that Mrs Sippy has to stand out from the rest?


Our pool and diving board are obviously a major attraction. We have come to realise that we are mostly a daytime venue and the crowd taught us that since we opened. Our events have let us capitalise on transforming that energy into the nights with the weekly international guest DJ’s that perform every Saturday!

What can you tell us about your resident roster for 2020?


Our resident roster is world class, we have 14 full time residents, with 3 DJ’s every day playing in venue. All of the DJ’s have over 10 years international experience and have played in the biggest clubs and festival stages in the world. A lot of the crew are constantly releasing records and have a solid following and support from fans worldwide. The roster consists of DJ’s from England, Spain, Mexico, Germany and Australia.

 If money and availability were no object, what would be your dream line-up for Mrs Sippy?

Woah, that’s a tough one.. 

I could do a mega list here but RUFUS DU SOL are definitely right up there at the top of the list, along with The Chemical Brothers. Both LIVE of course!

With a high dive board, one of the craziest resident line-ups on the island and with a lot of partying going on, you must have seen some polaroid moments in your time… name one of them!


Haha… I have seen plenty and could be a rich man via YouTube if I had them all on Polaroid or film! My favourites are the big tough guys trying to impress the chicks off the 5m platform that land flat on their back or front. Most of the time I catch it with my own eyes, but if I don’t then I definitely hear the slap on the water (over the music) and it happens pretty often!

Mrs Sippy first opened its doors in 2016, located in the upmarket Seminyak district. Was there a particular reason that you guys were drawn to this location and how has it benefited Mrs Sippy as compared to other locations in Bali?


I think the pure fact that we did something different to what all of the other beach clubs were doing at the time in the more upmarket strip in Seminyak. All the ingredients were put in place once the right space was found (Which was originally a big empty block).

We built an amazing venue with biggest pool in Bali and then the dive towers, staff, amazing food, and of course the music tops it all off.

Everyone likes to save a pretty penny, do you have any promos lined up that you think our followers would be keen to take advantage of?

We have heaps of specials all the time. Every day we have happy hour from 5-6pm (2 for 1 on selected drinks).

Thursday’s are a really good one also with 2 for 1 selected cocktails and drinks and 80k pizzas (which I think are the best pizzas on the island) for 5 hours from 4-9pm.

We also have daily food specials on the table talkers in venue.

Why the name Mrs Sippy and why DISCROW as your stage name? 


I’ve had that DJ name since I got my first gig about 15 years ago and once I built up a following I figured why change it..I was playing vinyl and then discs (cdj’s) came out around that time so it’s kind of a combo of that and “disc jockey” but I combined both with my last name, Crowe (but dropped the e) so that’s how my brain was working way back then when things took off ha!

MRS SIPPY is a long story but basically it rolls off from the first Mrs Sippy in Double Bay, Sydney which was originally related to drinking and Sipping on wine and cocktails …

Sum up the ethos of Mrs Sippy in one line for us please…



Ryan Crowe really took us deep inside the inner workings of Mrs Sippy and it’s pretty much a ‘VIBE’. This is the place where the glamorous party scene evolves from the afternoon and slowly dips into the evening. As Mrs Sippy continues to dominate in their field, keep up with their weekly happy hours and events on Secret Bali Life, to be apart of the iconic venue’s lifestyle.