‘The Gardens of Babylon Music Festival’ is an event as mystical as its name sounds. Manifested back in 2016, the key organiser as eccentric and lively as they come. Before she started the movement lead by music and meditation, she was travelling to the world-wide famous Burning Man community for the first time and it absolutely changed the course of her life. She met a countless amount of amazing people there and had adventures mixed with musical awakenings. The experience left a mark on her, got her questioning how she could find a way to gather all these people in the real world and that was the beginning of the birth of ‘The Gardens of Babylon.’

‘The Gardens of Babylon’ also has a sub-event called, ‘The Monastery’ and with both events, her drive began to meet an elixir of interesting people. Her dream, to bring people together became a reality, and she ignited the formation of a global family that creates mystical shows around the world to combine the power of music, visuals and even spiritual dreamy effects to connect you to yourself and everyone around you. Armed with their motto, “Time to lose yourself inside The Gardens of Babylon and find yourself in life.” Shishi took the event to greater heights.

GOB has taken place in over 20 countries such as; Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, America, Mexico, Israel, Lebanon, Switzerland, UAE. With such a global event, the organisers still manage to adapt and pull in each countries essence into each event – making each event unique to its host country. Now with “The Gardens of Babylon” coming to Bali, the event includes a Balinese Ceremony, an introduction to local crafts and creations, local healers and masseurs. Giving you the opportunity to experience the classically authentic to the new found aspects of Bali.

“The Gardens of Babylon Music Festival” Bali will take place on December 21st, at the Morabito Art Villa Canggu. It’s set to bring you the one music festival that takes you from spirituality to sin… from day deep into the dark night. Whether you’re a born and raised Bali islander, a local expat or a luminous traveller…. They would love for you to come and join the Music & Light Festival that is taking place on the most breath-taking beach garden of Canggu, Berawa.

Besides their incredible line-up of both international and local talent. Be sure to expect:

Art Garden & Beach
Acoustic music
Opening Ceremony & Meditation (This meditation allows you to arrive at the event, to set the intention to experience the most beautiful day together and to let go of whatever is holding you back in the outside world.)
Zen Zone
Spiritual Village
The Market of Curiosities
Food & Delicacies (Olive Lebanese Cuisine, Acai & Smoothie bowls, Local food delicacies and so much more)
Elixir Bar
An introduction with local crafts & creations
Local healers & Masseurs
Acts and Performances

You can also participate as a vendor, dancer, spiritual guide or volunteer in this magical event, for GOB are here to co-create with all that there is of you. To be part of the vendors community –  Please send an email to: info@thegardensofbabylon.com or PM.

We’ve tried to write all about GOB, to tell you how amazing this side of the world is. But to give you more depth we figured, it would be best to get a hold of the founder to interview her. We really had an enjoyable time talking to her and understanding what drove her to bring such a beautiful festival to life. Here’s how that went:

“The Gardens of Babylon’ has taken place in over 20 countries which is incredible. Tell us a bit about the journey up to this point and the common thread between all the events? 


We are travelling the world looking to connect like-minded people. We found a global family of the ones that balance from spirituality to sin, attracted to our events first because we share a love for the same music. 

Do you mix it up country to country to suit its surroundings and if so what will be unique to your Bali offering? 


Everywhere we go we are connecting locals, expats and travellers to co-create. We all have a story to tell, a performance to share or something to contribute. It’s such a different experience if the event is a little yours. Even if it’s as small as taking responsibility of the energy you bring to the dance floor. We are all coming together to create a day to night that we will remember for a long time. To meet friends, new love. For Bali we will want to bring the Bali experience to the beautiful grounds we found for our festival. Local healers, healthy food, drinks, elixirs, key elements to Bali. We add our international elements to it. Exciting! 

What drew you to hosting the event in Bali, particularly in Berawa as opposed to other parts of the island?


One of the team members of our Asian partner JK58, moved here and is now responsible for the incredible Morabito Art Villa. It’s literally a green oasis right on the beach of Berawa. It’s a central point in Bali and we hope to connect all the different places around and bring everybody here. It’s simply the most beautiful location we ever set foot on. Family vibes and yet sensational beauty. 

What advice would you give to attendants who are going to “The Gardens of Babylon” for the first time, what can they expect and what advice do you have to ensure that they fully maximise their experience?


Be kind to yourself and each other. This is an event that is perfect for new connections. Look around you, be inspired by the warmth of this country and smile. You will be surprised how many people will go straight into your heart and how easy friendships will arise just because you can open yourself up to them. 

Your event is known for having a profound concept and lavish line-ups for a festival. What do you think sets “The Gardens of Babylon’ apart from your standard music festival offering?


We always implement acoustic elements, either on a stage or at a certain time of day. There’s more to life then electronic music, and yet electronic music is what we want as the night sets in. We will open this festival day with a musical program set up by Walker Barnard. He’s bringing local musicians together for a wonderful afternoon of live music. We will weave a tantric yoga class and an opening meditation into his performance.

Tell us about how you went around curating the selected line-up and timetable for the event and what are the highlights that people should look out for? 


We work very closely with our musicians. That means that we work with them ideally at least three times per year worldwide. As we travel a lot with our team we like to work with people we love dearly. The line up is a beautiful build up that fits a Balinese sunset so well. Two local superstars are suggested to us by our newfound gem Lawson. DBRA already sent in a phenomenal podcast that is picked up really well on our SoundCloud. So we can’t wait to get these musicians all together and see what comes from that.

“The Gardens of Babylon” in Bali will be held in the lavish Morabito Art Villa, Canggu. Share with us how you plan to utilise the beautiful surroundings? 


It’s amazing as we are welcoming around 1000 people. The space is huge. So we get to play around with it. We have different elements, The Market of Curiosities will welcome all these incredible vendors, it’s usually the first stop for our team on the day itself to be honest, you basically have all the things you want at one point. We have the Zen Zone on the other end, a place where you can get a massage, holistic healings and more. We have an area with food with funnily enough a few absolute divine restaurants from Ubud. And of course the dance area. It’s a playground for adults to be honest.

You’re a huge art and music lover! Let’s dream a little, in your wildest dreams if you could pick one artist and one artiste to have at your event, who would they be?


This year we are implementing different music to The Gardens in general. Exploring the expansion of live music. Great inspiration for this has been Ali Farka Touré, Johnny Cash even. True musicians we adore very much still.

Describe the essence of “The Gardens of Babylon” in one sentence….


Hey family, let’s go from spirituality to sin…

Built on one dream to create a lifetime of memories. Don’t miss out on this unique event, that’s set to give you the experience of a lifetime, get your tickets now: https://airasiaredtix.com/tickets/the-gardens-of-babylon-bali#tab-tickets