Going In Deep with Omnia’s Ceremony of Colour

There will soon be a tidal wave of colours washing over OMNIA with the announcement of an exciting and incredible art project A Ceremony of Colour which is an immersive creative installation that has been inspired by the ritual traditions of Balinese ceremony, delivered with a contemporary twist.

A creative collaboration with Bali based creative studio Atelier Seni and executed by Petals by Puri, the ceremony of colour installation features over 4,000 handcrafted bespoke pieces creating a transformational immersive experience throughout OMNIA Bali.

So if you are heading to see Autograf on September 1st be sure to keep your eyes our for this wonderful explosion of colour!


Ines Katamoso (featured above) is a resident of Bali and one of Indonesia’s most respected designers. Her work is prevalent throughout the island at many of the landmark venues and most recently, through her studio Atelier Seni, she has been given the gargantuan task of installing a 4000 piece art installation to brighten up Omnia in a style that is in keeping with Balinese traditions both mythical and artistically.

We spoke to Ines ahead of the launch of this incredible project which will be on display in Omnia throughout September.

What is your background individually as an artist and designer?

I was born in Yogyakarta from a javanese musician father and a french tattoo artist/painter mother, I left Indonesia when I was 10 to France where later I studied Art and Design.

Tell us a little bit about Atelier Seni and your role within the studio?

Atelier Seni is a surface and interior design studio based in Bali that we created 2 years ago. I am the creative Director and co owner and take care of all the artistic elements and the realisation part of each project

What is the theme for the collection?

To design the exhibition for Omnia beach-club we were inspired by traditional Balinese decorations that are used in everyday life such as offerings or on special occasion for “hari raya”. These ornamentations are usually made by hand from palm leaves called lontar and for this project I found it interesting to mix it up with digital drawings printed on YUPO paper (waterproof and recyclable synthetic paper featured below) .The pattern is a modern twist of popular flora paintings that we often find in Balinese houses.


Can you give us an insight as to the nature of the pieces and installations your collective is working on and is there a centrepiece to the exhibition?

We collaborated with local craftsmen to create handmake 500 penjor above the dance floor, There will be 10 Penjor sculptures in the garden, 800 classic “keris lontar” covering the dj booth, a 3m x 4m dragon called Antaboga named after the one who created the world and 2 Barong Ket Heads that are mythical creatures, a symbol of good spirits. After the event we will recycle and reweave the YUPO paper to create some baskets and clutches.


Which Indonesian and Bali based artists are you inspired by?

My favorite indonesian artists are F.X Harsono, Hanafi and Handiwirman Saputra

What are your favourite art galleries that you would recommend both in Bali and in Indonesia?

In Bali I like to go to Biasa art space. In Yogyakarta Langgeng art foundation and Jakarta Dia.Lo.Gue, Macan museum and Ruci Art. I would like to visit Tumurun Private Museum in Solo.

If you love art and music be sure to drop in during September to check it out at any one of Omnia’s great events which you can check out on our events page and immerse yourself in music and art for a cliffside experience to remember!