When spice girls sang “’cause tonight is the night when two become one…” we’re sure, Human Movement felt that (We kid!). The project that use to be the duo, Eddy and Blake, split at the beginning of this year and it saw Eddy taking the reigns of Human Movement. That didn’t mean the project took a hit, if anything it saw both artists go on to master their art and produce more idiosyncratic music individually. 

Photos by Charlie Hardy

At this point we’re sure you’re wondering – It was a friendly split, they just felt like they were no longer in tandem in terms of music and were due to follow different currents (fair enough!). Now with Eddy solely at the helm as the new Human Movement, he preps for a debut album – one fans have been waiting for, for almost 5 years.

Throwback to 2017- when the duo held three massive shows in Sydney, that hosted a monstrous amount of local talent and gave them complete freedom to experiment with their live-setups and explore their artillery of unreleased repertoire. Since then, they’ve gone on to play in the world’s dance music capital, Ibiza.

Back in the days, when Human Movement was still a duo, they were catching the eye of Skrillex, receiving massive love from huge brands like Spotify and H&M and they were blowing up on the blogosphere. Their innate ability to be fluid, moving effortlessly through genres like techno, house, minimal and bass – is what got them on the radar. Moving into 2018, the boys released a solid number of tracks and EPs. Honing their sound and becoming known not only within Australia, but globally for their choice selections and ruminative productions.

The heavyweight Australian duo, self-released their debut EP ‘Dancing Room’ with their track ‘5am’ being premiered by Anna Alunoe on, Beats Radio 1. On their next EP, ‘Subcity’, they went on to explore other sounds and then pursued their curiosity by fusing r’n’b sounds on their ‘Kitsuné’ release ‘Right Thang’. With their ‘I need” Ep in 2018, they dived into the world of technically challenging dance cuts. Showcasing how their sound has always been, actively and continuously evolving.

When 2018 rolled around, they achieved a massive feat, with their two-track release ‘Run It By Me’ and ‘Help A Brother Out’ through Defected Records. The contrast on the two releases showcased their utter versatility – with the first track being a loungey electronic music at it’s prime, building as it progresses and keeping you absolutely captivated throughout. The latter is a heavy-hitting dancefloor jam, that’ll definitely being banged out in the naughty hours of the night. Armed with all these massive bangers in their artillery, Human Movement set out on a European Summer Tour (in the same year) performing in Ibiza, Defected Festival in Croatia, France and more.

Photos by Charlie Hardy

With an album in the works and bigger and better shows in the books – There’s no sign that Human Movement is slowing down, and if anything, Eddy’s momentum has continued to flourish since going solo. Before he smashes it at Omnia on November 24th, we’ve smashed up some of Human Movements most celebrated tracks – from their break-out track, being a duo and solo life. Click play, folks!


Break-out track
Human Movement – Dancing Room

Epic second track release (2018)
Human Movement – Help a brother out (Defected Records)

Most played song on Spotify
Human Movement – Run It By Me ft. Eliot Porter

Most Recent Track (Solo – Eddy)
Human Movement (AUS) – It’s The Movement 

Notable Solid Solo Track
Human Movement – Thermal

We’re mad stoked that Human Movement will be taking over the decks at, Omnia on November 24th – He’s definitely top of the list of, DJs not to miss – Be there or be square!