Loudness, is certainly a force to be reckoned with – proving that they’ve been a vital player in the game for over three decades, not only in their development, but also in their perpetuity as a Japanese Heavy Metal Band. Beginning their journey in 1980, the Osakan quartet is best known for their western label crossover success in the mid-80s, established through their released hits ‘Crazy Night’ (off 1985s Thunder in the East) and ‘Let it Go’ (off 1986s Lightning Strikes).

Now with Hard Rock Cafe’s massive 26th-year Anniversary celebrations around the corner, Loudness has been given the honour of headlining the iconic venues festivities. They’ll be kicking down the doors and fuelling the nights events on November 13th. We’re not sure you heard us – the Japanese heavy metal legends are making their grand return to Bali to not only rock the stage, but also to rock our world.

They made history by being the first Japanese heavy metal band to sign to an American label (Atco Records), where they released twenty-six studio albums (five in America) and nine live albums by 2014 – reaching the Billboard Top 100 at the prime of their international popularity. A great many things have changed since 1981, but one of the factors in metal that has thankfully stayed the same has been this legendary band. 

During their early American years, Loudness would drop their sixth album – Lightning Strikes. Which was produced by Max Norman and charted at #64, it received numerous positive reviews and made the band a hit globally. In 1987, they released ‘Hurricane Eyes’ their seventh album worldwide – produced by the wildy famous producer and sound engineer Eddie Kramer, who had worked with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Kiss.

Loudness has certainly experienced their highs and lows as a band – I mean they’ve been around for close to 40 years now! In 2001, the original members reunited (yeah, we were sad about their brief split-up too!) and released the album ‘Spiritual Canoe’ and went on a celebratory tour. Their reunion was meant to be a one-off thing, but due to its overwhelming popularity in their native Japan, Loudness continued recording and doing live shows. Since then, they’ve released one studio album and one DVD release every year so forth, in addition to one-off recordings, like 2005s theme song for famed K-1 fighter Mushahi (“The Battleship Mushashi”).

Showing no signs of slowing down, Loudness released their 27th studio album – Rise to Glory – in January 2018. This came thirty-seven years since their formation as Loudness and we’re for real when we say- the classic heavy metal scene has not seen an album of this quality in a long time. You’ll feel yourself being transported back to the early 80s with this album. Rise to Glory is pure, unadulterated heavy metal with injects of thrash, flavours of passion and tastes of groove, simply put “heavy metal” in its purest form.

If the parallel music around Bali has exhausted you, this is something you’ll be vibing to catch. Not only is Loudness a heavy metal band, they’re a Japanese heavy metal band – their uniqueness as a whole defines their ability to captivate and entertainment their audience. Surely a band that’ll spice up the scene in Bali – even if it’s only for a day.

Now don’t be a rebel and get your pre-sale tickets now – before they’re sold out! While you’re doing that, let us get you pumped up with a playlist we curated of some of the bands most epic tracks, that’s sure to get you screaming “WE WANT MORE!” – Click play now.


We’re gonna start this playlist off, with some fan favourites – we’re just getting started!

ROAD RACER – LOUDNESS (1983) – Japanese Version (our preferred version) – FAN FAVOURITE

Another fan favourite, but we’ve decided to opt for the Japanese version – just because it’s our preferred version for this track! 

LOUDNESS – LOUDNESS (1981) – Akira’s Best Performance (Guitar Solo)

Did every single metal band of the era have a song titled after their name? Probably so. But we couldn’t leave this one out, because we think Akira’s guitar solo on this is one of his best performances!


Their best known track – A track they created because they wanted to make a rock ‘n’ roll anthem, like “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night” by KISS.


Their first single off Loudness (1986) US release Lightning Strikes – Also known to be their most commercial sounding track, because it sounded quite different from their previous tracks. The rest of the album however, is in a heavier mould, and is in a relatively similar style to the previous album, Thunder in the East.


Ending it off with their most recent track and music video – a definite banger!

With a career spanning over three decades, Loudness has not lost their young burning passion which has earned them worldwide praise and two albums in the US charts. Don’t miss the chance to see these legends shred it on stage at Hard Rock Cafes’ (Bali) 26th-year Anniversary on 13th November – get your tickets and get rock ‘n’ rolling!