This band is pushing to make an impact in the music industry and with a name like, Miami Horror, their first impressions are already pretty protuberant. The Australian band from Melbourne, has been tossing out electro-pop, synth-pop, dance-pop, nu-disco and indie electronic music since 2007.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s up with band name?” Well, according to the pioneer of Miami Horror, Benjamin Plant –  the name, “was just a visual thing. I thought both words were pretty bold themselves, but also have quite a strong visual side. Miami representing the colourful and flamboyant side, while horror represents the darker.” He has stated that he “didn’t like it (Miami Horror) for the first two weeks” but he, “learnt to live with it.”

Kicked off by producer and DJ, Benjamin Plant, who initially launched it as a solo project. He would soon be joined the following year by Josh Moriarty (Guitars and Vocals), Daniel Whitechurch (Bass, Keyboards and Guitars) and Kosta Theodosis (Drums) – forming the Miami Horror known today. With heavy influence from dance and rock artists of the 1970s and 1980s such as; Prince, New Order, Todd Rundgren and Pink Floyd, the band mashes that with modern production techniques from styles like house and pop music – creating their uber addictive and unique sound.

Miami Horror debuted in November 2008, with the release of the EP ‘Bravado’ by ‘Virgin Records’. The EP was solely produced by Benjamin Plant, as the band only consisted of him during that period. Off the EP, the track ‘Don’t Be On With Her’ came with a music video release and is described as a “sick revival of 80s pop music.” Another notable track from the EP is, ‘Make You Mine’, which features guest vocals from Alan Polomo, frontman of Neon Indian, who would later collaborate with Miami Horror again on their second album release. Additionally, a five-track remix EP of the album titled, ‘Bravado Remixes’ would later be digitally released in July 2009.

When 2010 hit, Miami Horror debuted with all it’s members, with their album ‘Illumination’ by ‘EMI’. Where we would see the second collaboration between Alan Polomo and Miami Horror with the tracks; ‘Holidays’, ‘Soft Light’ and ‘Ultraviolet’. It also featured vocals from Kimbra (better known for her vocals on ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ with Goyte) on the track ‘I Look To You’. The album got nominated for ‘Best Dance Release’ at the ARIA Music Awards in 2011, although they did not take the winning up, it definitely pushed Miami Horror’s exposure in the music industry. Their second album ‘All Possible Futures’ may have taken 5 years in the making, but it carries the synthetic hooks that pop listeners demand, but in a way that unmistakably demonstrated their aching for something, anything new – whatever the cost. This follow-up album is definitely a different beast altogether: a learned, more properly cobbled project that coheres, even when it darts towards too much hat-tipping and pandering. 

The bands second release together was their EP, ‘The Shapes’ in 2017. Which consisted of a unique 5 track release, which saw Miami Horror step out of their comfort zone. The EP combines upbeat percussive grooves and experimental vocal styles, that echoes post-new wave groups of the 80s. Additionally over the years, they have remixed songs from other artists like; Gorillaz, Pnau and Phantogram.

Currently, the band is working on their as-of-yet untitled third studio album, slated for a release in 2020. Jumping straight into the present though, two of Miami Horror’s members (Benjamin Plant and Josh Moriarty) are set to play a live DJ set at Omnia Dayclub on December 29th. We’re sure you’re already clamouring for more of Miami Horror and can’t wait for their set at Omnia, so… we shall give the people what they want! We’ve compiled a list of the bands slickest hits, from their breakout track to their top bangers, just for you. Click play, folks!

Breakout-Track from Miami Horror (Benjamin Plant)

Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her – Bravado Album


We’ll start this playlist off with Miami Horror’s break-out track, from back when the band initially only consisted of Benjamin Plant. Straight off his ‘Bravado’ album, which as you know now he produced solely by himself, the track ‘Don’t Be On With Her’ which is possibly the most popular track off the album. (but we think all the tracks are pretty bloody spectacular – Just saying!)

Most Played on Youtube (8.4 Million Views)

Miami Horror – I Look To You (ft. Kimbra) – Illumination Album


We’re back on track now, with Miami Horror as a full blown band, with their debut album ‘Illumination’. We’re throwing in this track, which has powerhouse Kimbra, mainly because of the massive hype around this track. The music video is just added brownie points to how ridiculously banging this track is!

Most Played On Spotify (25,546,236 plays)

Real Slow – Miami Horror ft. Sarah Chernoff


Alright friends, we wanna believe that everyone owns a Spotify at this point in time. So we’re slinging out Miami Horror’s most played and by most played, we mean MOST PLAYED… with over 25 million plays. The track feature Sarah Chernoff’s soothing, yet entirely rhythmic vocals on the track. We’ve possibly played this a ton in the Secret Bali Life office, so trust us when we say… we get why it’s racking up plays on Spotify.

Most Recent Track Releases (2019)

Miami Horror – Luv Is Not Enough

Miami Horror- Restless


When you click onto Miami Horror’s website, probably the first thing you’ll see is the music video for this track. Now, if they’re giving this track much love on their own website, who are we at Secret Bali Life, to not also do the same? I mean we’ve been religiously listening to track, since we’ve heard of its release. We’ve also got to include Luv is Not Enough, because we can’t get enough!

Notable Track Mention

Miami Horror – Sometimes (Illumination Album)


We love that you guys question things as our readers, so why is this track a notable mention? We’ll friends, this track from Miami Horror is utterly and completely them; no holds bar, no collaborations, no features, it’s them and we’re vibing… HARD, to this track. We’ll be honest, it’s a notable mention because we’re obsessed with it and we’d bet money on this, that you’d be completely obsessed just like we are.

Alright, cool kids. Strap on your party shoes and get that sick outfit planned, for Miami Horror will be playing at Omnia on December 29th. It’s sure to kick-start you deeper into the holiday season! Let’s get grooving!