You don’t get to play around the world unless you’re a total boss at what you do and that is exactly what Nick Warren is. His impressive career began with him as a tour DJ with Massive Attack to being a resident at super club Cream and playing at every self-respecting club on the planet. This naturally led him into the position as one of the world’s most respected DJs.

Before kicking it as a member of the highly acclaimed electronic duo, Way Out West, he was holding it down as a heavyweight in the DJ world in the 90s, by having a high-profile residency, touring the world and collaborating on several DJ mix albums, before it was even a norm. When 2013 rolled around, Hope Recordings’ released three tracks under Warren’s name and a landmark 20th Anniversary edition of the ‘Renaissance masters series album’, which Warren was honorably asked to compile.

His diverse sound on Hope Recordings is prominently showcased by his remix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ to his two incredible original productions ‘Devil’s Elbow’ and ‘La Fabrica’ – revealing his vast abilities in nailing a classic sound, whilst still injecting a glossy and modern slant into his powerful productions. On top of that, ‘Devil’s Elbow’ was supported by two highly reputable remixes by Max Cooper and Jozif, with Coopers’ remix being supported by a unique concept video and reaching #1 in Beatports’ Electronica Chart.


A monumental year for Warren was back in 2014, as it saw the release of ‘The Soundgarden’ album which embodies the genre-bending spirit of his eclectic record label, which has put out releases from some of the most exciting producers in the world today, as well as some of Nick’s personal favorites. It was an album that gave his fans direct engagement to become part of the album in various ways, due to it’s Pledge Music Campaign (crowd-funding). That same year, he released the single ‘Alta/Golden Cap’ with Alex Niggermans Soulfooled Recordings. The single demonstrated his intuitive ear for melody and flawless production skills.

Nick Warren is still killing it in the game and consistently shows us why he’s still standing as a giant within electronic music. In 2015, when he dropped ‘Sad Robot’ a collaboration between him and Guy Mantzur on Bedrock Recordings, it received countless support and airtime from BBC6 music. The track also reached #4 in Beatports’ Techno chart – we’re impressed at how he’s managed to keep up with his extensive touring schedule on top of all of this during that time.


Warren’s extensive history has definitely come full circle into his present, as he continues to play out every weekend on every continent, whilst also maintaining a high quality output for Hope Recordings. With a DJ career spanning over two decades and driven by a hunger for change, Warren is unquestionably an artist to keep track of and to admire.

Which is why we’re hyped that he’ll be coming in hot on November 3rd, hitting the decks supported by Miss Melera at Cafè del Mar Bali – the absolute unit of an event space – and in case you missed it and want to be in the know, we did a feature on Cafè del Mar Bali not to long ago.

Now here’s the creme de la creme – We were fortunate enough to have Nick Warren take time out of his insane schedule to curate some tracks for us, so that we could have a look at what music is playing at the party inside a music legends’ head.


“From Nics forthcoming album on our The Soundgarden label, this is a classy vocal dance floor sensation.”

“On my recent Balance album, lovely mellow breaks track with a monster breakdown.”

“A wonderful sleazy robotic adventure onto the dancefloor from one of the hottest remixers out there right now.”

“It might sound rather pompous but it is one of the most gorgeous pieces of music I have ever heard.”

“The heavy weights of the melodic Techno scene get their paws into a great Adriatique track and take it to monster anthem territory.”

Make sure you head down to Cafè Del Mar Bali on Sunday 3 November for The Soundgarden event featuring Nick Warren alongside Miss Melera