Our inspiration series is always an interesting snapshot into the mind of well known DJ’s as they give us a selection of music that floats their boats and rocks their worlds from many genres and different angles.
We decided most recently to open the format up further by inviting residents of the top venues in Bali to put their collective heads together to create their own chapters in this series.

Potato Head Beach Club have always led the way when it comes to genuine selectors on the island. Especially the residents who are given the task of creating daytime into night-time soundtracks and a backdrop for possibly the most popular sunset spot on the island, on a daily basis often leading to guests approaching the booth and asking what and where the sonic landscape they are being presented has its roots.


So we have asked 5 of the resident squad to pick a track that they felt was the ultimate sunset selection for them and this is what we got back! So when the time comes, kick back, relax, pick your poison and enjoy this ultimate Potato Head Sunset Inspiration Selection!


Masayoshi Takanaka – Sail on Fire
“Tequila sun, asleep on the sand. Tropical girl, here in my arms. Whispering sea singing to me. Magical moon, crowning the night.” The lyrics say it all.

Ruf Dug – Head Band Dub
Incredible edit of Private Investigations by Dire Straits. For stormy sunsets when the wind is about to blow you away. The timing and situation have to be just right for this one. It lures you in with its classical guitar and acid arpeggio then builds up to a huge slap in the face from Mark Knopfler’s strat. Brilliant.

Caravan – Le Suquet
It’s hard task to choose a favourite sunset track but this one sits way up there for me. Not only is every single track on the release amazing, best bit is that it was produced and released by a few old mates from Syd-city!  “Caravan” aka Paul Jextra and “Planet Trip” label boss and all round champion sound selector, Mike Who. Get the tune in your ear holes just as the sun drops over the edge and you’ll know why I’ve selected it as my favourite new sunset track.Hazy tropical vibes riding high on the waves with this one.

Click HERE to listen.

Sun Palace – Coral Reef
Always love Sun Palace production for years since they came out with ‘rude movements’, this track been stuck on my head since my fellow Gero played this track right before my shift.
and it has my son’s name on it.

Golden Hour – Adrian Giordano
Deep and warm as Bali itself, this track was made and inspired by an island sunset by the sea, perfect fit for a Potato Head Sunset session.