When we started our Inspirations series a way while back, we were genuinely excited at the prospect of hearing the music that inspires those that inspire us to do what we do here at Secret Bali Life… but few, if any, have we been so enthused about receiving back on email, than this one from Carl Cox and Eric Powell.

Apart from the obvious of having a contribution from someone who is considered by many, including us, to be a relative God of the scene, but equally but if not more so than because the entire ethos behind Carl and Eric’s Mobile Disco, is exactly what this feature is all about… the music that makes the men behind the music tick, the stuff that really gets THEIR hairs to stand on end, the cuts that inspire them to make and play the incredible music that has made memories and more for so many devoted fans over the years.

So before you buy your ticket and head on down to Carl and Eric’s Mobile Disco at Ulu Cliffhouse on Sunday 19th May be sure to check out this great selection from the men themselves, turn up the volume and turn off the phone, kick back, relax and enjoy some genuinely quality cuts from two of the scene’s finest selectors and thoroughly lovely blokes!!

MD Funk Connection – Shante
Carl and Eric have been in the studio working with engineer producer extraordinaire “Joe Roberts”, this track is a real grower, not obvious but get the dance floor grooving. Shante is the first track the lads recorded – they have an album scheduled for release later this year.

Funkadelic – Knee Deep
The original is fifteen minutes long a true funk excursion, Bootsy Collins on bass and he also played drums on this track. The Moog cuts through and those vocals are amazing – all this is constructed by the genius of George Clinton – watch out for a very special Mobile Disco remix, approved by George Clinton himself.

Gino Soccio – Dancer
Canadian Disco tech, looking back this was probably one of the most important albums we bought as a kid, we can now hear how this album influenced us when it comes to house and techno.

Well Red – Get Lucky
We are on the decks from doors open, we love playing from the beginning to end, we get the opportunity to play tracks like this – amazing – the day is all about funk, disco, house and anything in-between. This track gets the party started early – a brit funk throw-down. 
“You can’t stop me….” “I’m fast as lightening…” oh boy……..can’t wait to play this on a big system.

Carl and Eric… we thank you both!