DANIEL SANCHEZ is a Dutch born and bred music lover who has been a game changer in the studio, behind the decks and on the door as a promoter where since 2007 he led the charge for legal and illegal parties pushing the sound he loved… minimal techno.

Rightfully so his productions were soon being picked up and remixed by the big dogs such as Loco Dice and Richie Hawtin amongst others. Ahead of his set this Thursday night at Red Ruby Daniel kindly offered to send us a selection of tracks that inspire him to do what he does best!

Enjoy and make sure you head down to support the man this Thursday night at Red Ruby!

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
The master, the pioneer. To me he is the best electronic producer there is. He has been constantly developing him self over the last 3 decades. Someone that truly created his own sound and style. There is no-one on this planet that can reach anything near the qualities of this man. I was just blown away listening to his music at the age of 13. Since then I have been collecting all of his music.

Susumu Yokota – Flying Cat
Another master piece by a very special composer who sadly left us 4 years ago. It was early in the year 2000 that I discovered Grinning cat the album by Susumu Yokota.
It was something very different and new at that time using a classic way of composing and cutting samples.

Daniel Sanchez – Mumbling Yeah
A minimal classic, one that has changed my life.

Moby – Inside
After 20 years I still admire this track so much. I think I can honestly say that I listen to the Album Play at least 1 time a week. Either at home or when traveling. I have much respect for Moby, with the album Play he created a very special ambient album that appealed to so many people whilst being an underground sound.
In 2002 I got to see him live with his Play tour. A very special memory.

Speedy J – Krekc
Much love goes out to our own Dutch techno pioneer Speedy J.
To me this is one of the best produced techno tracks ever.
The structure and quality of this sound is produced so well, the whole build up it just destroys the dance floor.