Mr. Phil Weeks… Ku De Ta you have gone and done it again!

In the past year or so the bookings at Ku De Ta have been nothing short of genius as the island becomes cluttered with new and exciting venues and options, the job of a booker has become more crucial than at any time before on The Island of The Gods.

Phil Weeks is another awesome arrow in the armoury for the Godfather of Seminyak Beach Clubs and an absolute dream for anyone who is a love of straight up quality house music!

Phil Weeks the French DJ, producer and Robsoul label boss is like the cousin you love who lives abroad when you are talking about the Chicago House family!

With such an amazing array of tunes under his belt we insisted that Phil make his inspirations selection from his own back catalogue which goes against the grain for anyone familiar with the Inspirations series but this man and his quality cuts certainly deserve the limelight!

So sit back, get your headphones on, or turn up the speakers and enjoy some quality House!!!

Live At Palladium
I guess my most popular track. Classic Marvin samples. I made this track in few hours on a night just before a gig.

It’s The Inside That Counts
MPC3000 Beats + TB303 (Bass) & some classic vocal samples. People go nuts on this one.

She Can’t Love you (Feat. Ladybird)

We cover this classic song cause it sounds dope on a House Set.

By My Side
On the more downtempo side, this song was part of my Love Affair album released back in 2011. Still my fav album I produced.