Anja Schneider is one of the hardest working trailblazers in the industry. 13 years ago, she started her own label “Mobilee” and soon become an integral part of the fabric of Europe’s house and techno community. Recently, she launched her new label “Sous” and kicked it off with her first album in almost a decade.

As one of the major names from the World of Techno, Anja advised us her biggest inspiration has and always will be the sound of Detroit. Here are 5 top tracks that she chose personally for us as her definition of the underground sound of the Motor City and it’s a kick ass selection:

Mad Mike – The Illuminator
This is one of the biggest tracks of my life to come out of Detroit. It shows so much soul techno variety and gives me so much beautiful nostalgia.

The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me
James Stinson died way too early, he was one of the best modern electronic producers born in Detroit. ‘The Other People Place’ is only one of his numerous projects beside DREXCIYA which touched my soul, and I will never get tired of listening to his music.

Moodymann – Sinnerman
This is just another masterpiece released from my all-time favourite Moodymann. A producer who is so out of the ordinary and so radical with both his mind and music. He has always been a true inspiration.

‘Good Life’ (Inner City Edit of Carl Craig Extended Remix)
You cannot talk about Detroit without mentioning Kevin Saunderson (and his family) and of course, Carl Craig – true heroes. They are still very much on point and known for modern club music which leaves the crowd with the biggest smiles on their faces. You want to dance? Well, play any track from them.

Jeff Mills – The Bells
I am still a techno DJ and my favourite techno song of all when I was growing up, which also made me fall in love with the genre, was this one by Jeff Mills. One of the most influential and famous tracks of its time, and still to this day. This man is a genius and its amazing to be able to go and see him DJ. Way before it was cool to dance behind the booth, this man proved to us how funky and technically excellent mixing could be. This is a must for this list.

Her musical journey started when Anja was still living with her parents in the 80’s. She was really inspired by the likes of The Cure and Depeche Mode, developing a love of ‘electronic pop music’. After which she soon bought her first LP the Kraftwerk masterpice ‘Computerwelt’, Anja directly fell deeply in love with electronic music and the sounds immediately and never looked back!


It was in 2008 that Schneider’s first album, Beyond The Valley, was released to commercial and critical acclaim. And to have her bringing her techno driven magic to the island for the W Bali’s SPF party is a genuine treasure and we have picked out what we consider to be some of the highlights of her back catalogue to get you excited and in the mood for when she plays under the stars this weekend!

These two killer beats are both taken from her debut album Beyond The Valley that launched Anja on her path to worldwide acclaim:
“Belize” and “Safari” from the album Beyond The Valley

Anja has been quoted as saying Rancho Relaxo with Sebo K is one of her all time favorites from her own previous label and was also the biggest hit for the label!
“Rancho Relaxo” with Sebo K

Sanctuary is a recent collaboration from Anja alongside Rob Birch:

Last but not least dragging us up to the present day this track All I See is picked out by Anja as her personal favourite from her most recent Album.. ‘SoMe’:
“All I see”

After her album “SoMe” made a successful release as the debut of her new label, Sous Music keeps on releasing more impressive music. Their next release is Marcus Suckut with his ‘6AM’ EP which is out on 26th of July!!! SO DON’T MISS OUT!!!

Click HERE to listen.


Daniel and Leo of ELEKRANTZ first met 20 years ago, when they played together in a blues band. Leo continued his career as a professional musician while Daniel started to discover a new musical path. The latter was born and bred in South America, later becoming a resident DJ and local hero, known as the right guy to prepare the dance floor and set the mood. He’s one of the finest DJs of the Brazilian new wave of electronic aficionados. Leo has been a professional drummer, singer and composer since the age of 15. He played and recorded with some of the greatest artists in Brazil.

They earned their place in the spotlight after the legend Gui Boratto heard their single “Wish”. Soon after he first heard it, he decided to signed them to his label D.O.C.. Since then, well basically the rest is history!

The Track that brought Elekfantz into the spotlight:

This is a great remix of one of their tracks by the man Solomun:
“Diggin’ On You”

Another monster hit from the boys!
“Blush” by Vintage Culture Remix

Check out this awesome music video from Elefkantz which has over a million hits!
“Work It Out”