The Berlin-based production duo, Mat.Joe, are probably two of the most raddest dudes you’ll ever meet. Back in the days, between skateboarding and breakdancing sessions, they would be huddled up in their ukölln backyard creating authentic hip-hip for independent artists – picture, studio equipment and DJ decks meet desiccated plants. That’s where the magic happened!

It was in their primal years, when they were still producing hip-hip, where they learned the sampling and crate digging techniques that would ultimately lead them to creating their crispy House beats paired with rhythmic Soul and Hip Hop sound, they’ve become known for over the last 7 years. Times have changed for the duo, since those early years –  In 2011, they traded in drum breaks and rap ciphers for house and techno, and began producing music under the alias Mat.Joe. Their initial hip-hop influence has not been lost though, it can still be heard through their music and the boys can still break-(down)-dance to house music.

Since their crossover to dance music the German duo, Matze and Johannes, have become producers and remixers that are in high-demand. They’ve been called on by numerous world-renowned labels like, Hot Creations, Sola and Defected, to get in the studio and create some electrified chaos. They’re well-established relationship with fellow Hannover native, Maximono, has seen the boys catapulted into what can be described as ‘potential summer anthem makers.’ Their recent return to Maximono’s label, This Ain’t Bristol, emerged their most successful track ‘Ya Know’. The track features soulful vocals and an uplifting piano riff that’s grounded in a classical house sound that the duo definitely channeled the summer heat into.

With a wave of esteemed original tracks, collaborations and remixes under their belt, Mat.Joe’s love for music and their running ambition to constantly improve are the main ingredients that have kept their engines running in releasing hit after hit. Which can be seen with their original mixed track like ‘Heart to Find’ released under ‘Off Recordings’ in 2012 and then re-released again in 2016 under several other labels, notably under ‘Defected Records’, racking up over 6 million views on Youtube. Under ‘Hot Creations’ in 2014, they released ‘Keep it Rough’ under the album ‘Hot Summer Jams’ with Kevin Knapp. Their two-time collaboration with CamelPhat saw the boys release ‘Bang 2 Drum’ in 2018 and ‘World in Action’ in 2017 under ‘Toolroom’ and ‘Elrow Music’ respectively. Their remix of ‘Milk & Sugar with Barbara Tucker’ sub-bass skull penetrating track ‘My Lovin’ is a much-loved house favourite in the industry.

The sound that Mat.Joe has become widely-known for is their; deep, dance floor qualified, warm and rough tunes, that ignites crowds into chaos. What goes into distinguishing a unique sound though? Well for the duo, they find inspiration everywhere, between subway rides, late night showers and hitting their favourite bars. When a new idea hits, it is maniacally kept on every smartphone within reach – this is sound autism at its climax!

The dynamic duo are set to take over the decks at W Seminyak on 7th December. Right before that happens, we had some fun with Mat.Joe by shooting them our newest addition ‘Track Test’ – where we give DJ’s and producers the challenge of coming up with particular tracks to fit a particular situation to really test their knowledge of music! Dude, click play!

Pick 3 tracks that you always listen to for inspiration that are not electronic?

⏸Shyheim feat. Pod The Brown Hornet – Dear God (1996)

⏸Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street

⏸A/T/O/S – Projects

Your favourite Christmas tune.


Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’ (Mercury Records 1979)

What would be the ultimate Midnight Banger on NYE?


Europe – The Final Countdown (But with a Mat.Joe Remix!)

You guys have a pretty solid background in Hip-hop. What is one Hip-hop track that you feel would be a challenge to remix, but would love to work on?

Ty Dolla $ign – Purple Emoji (feat. J. Cole)

What are 3 recent tracks of any genre you’re absolutely loving right now? 

Special Request – Shepperton Moon Landing [HOUNDSTOOTH]

Mat.Joe – Gotta Get U (Original Mix)

Joseph Edmund – Norrr


Catch the boys murder it behind the decks at W Bali-Seminyak on this Saturday, December 7th. We’re already vying for front row seats to this hot number!