We’d love to start this article off by congratulating, Cafe del Mar on their hugely successful production of Nick Warren from Soundgarden last Sunday (November 3rd) – which brought in a massive crowd and a spectacular experience for all the senses. Off the back of his triumphant show, Nick Warren returned to Cafe del Mar to play an exclusive and extended 3-hour Sunset DJ Set on, November 6th.

Cafe del Mar has definitely made us faithful followers – because only a few days later, they have Cristoph taking over the decks at their iconic venue. You got to see us take a look at what music is playing at the party inside a music legends’ head, with Nick Warren. Now, see us get our hands on Cristoph.

From sneaking into his local club to DJ as a teen, to performing a season-wide residency at Ibiza’s newest and most extravagant club, UK producer & DJ Cristoph’s journey to global stardom is a tale of passion and hard-work, underpinned by a supreme talent and energy which has seen the British artist catapult into the eyes – and ears – of dance music’s biggest names.

Cristoph’s progression over the years is evident through the EP’s he’s contributed on for esteemed labels. His stylistic trajectory has seen him release deeper tracks for ‘Tube & Berger’s Kittball Records’ in both 2014 and 2015 to more abstract and fluid tracks for his widely-celebrated debut on the coveted 8-Track series, for Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound in 2016. He achieved his biggest breakthrough, with the latter, becoming the first artist to launch the label’s long awaited concept 

album – this propelled him into the international spotlight, with anthemic vocals tracks like ‘Alone’ and ‘Closer’ blowing up on dance floors around the world.

Cristoph’s career came full circle in 2017, when he not only signed to John Digweed’s legendary, Bedrock, but Sasha’s, Last Night on Earth as well. His landmark releases on both imprints, solidified  his status as one of the most exciting acts in the progressive world in years. But what would really cement Cristoph’s achievements in the progressive house realm, was his alignment with Eric Prydz.

With Cristophs’ break out into the spotlight, it didn’t take long for him to catch the attention of another longtime hero of his – Eric Prydz. One of electronic music’s most respected figures, the Swedish titan that is Prydz, is discerning on who he deems worthy of his mentorship. With Costigan’s repertoire already on the international radar for the past several months, it came as no surprise, when Prydz proudly took him under his wing.

Cristoph would go on to open Eric Prydz unprecedented, holograph-landen EPIC 5.0 and also, perform on the main stage before Prydz’s inaugural Hï Ibiza residency, including the closing and opening parties and lastly, both of it’s deadmau5 back-to-back sets. Inevitably, Cristoph officially joined the Pryda Family, becoming the first artist to sign to Prydz’s brand new imprint, Pryda Presents. Definitely a nod of approval from one of the scene’s most celebrated trendsetters and a bona fide mark of Cristoph’s blossoming career.

Detailing each of Cristoph’s accomplishments over the years can become extensive – even those solely related to his revered Swedish ally. With him being groomed by the genre’s most respected veterans, Cristoph still holds his own – by being accepted amongst the progressive league for his skills he demonstrated on his own, and across less than half a decade. With support and mentorship from artists like Eric Prydz, Sasha and John Digweed, Cristoph is on his way to becoming a superstar.

The progressive star will be spinning at Cafe del Mar on November 17th, before you get to hear why Cristophs’ sound is so infectious. We reeled him in for a few burning questions and got an insider scoop on a few tracks he’ll be dropping during his set at Cafe del Mar.


You grew up surrounded by music, who do you think had the most influence on your music you listened to as a youngster?

“Probably my Dad or my Brother. Both DJ’d and were heavily involved in the local music scene.”

This is not your first time to Bali… have you managed to explore the island in previous trips and if so where were your favourite spots?

 “I think this is my 4th or 5th time yeah. I eventually got out to explore last time I was over thanks to a good friend of mine called Lloyd who happened to be there at the same time. He had rented a scooter so would pick me up from my hotel each morning and we would just drive all over. It’s such a beautiful place. I really enjoyed catching the sunset at ‘The Lawn’ and the views out to sea from ‘Omnia’. I really want to climb the volcano when I’m there this time, hopefully I’ll find someone to come with me or at least get out and about with.”

Your Dad was a DJ we understand, what did he play and where?

“Yeah he was. He had his own company at one point where he acted as agent for local DJ’s really. He played a lot of Motown and Northern Soul, it was amazing to watch him play he oozed confidence on the microphone. A promoter booked him to close a club after me one night when I was younger and the atmosphere he created was incredible. Something I will never forget.”


You have a reputation for bringing together some of the very best in deep house and techno. Any other genres of music you’re keen on diving into?

“I just try to play across the House & Techno spectrum to be honest. I’m really in to the more melodic side of things so my music tends to lead towards that way.”

Is Cristoph your real name as its unusual for someone from the UK or are you a Christopher?

“Yeah its Christopher. When I was a bit younger a few people called me Cristoph for no apparent reason and I just decided to use it for an artist name. I originally released music under CJ Costigan.”


Are there any artists across the world you think are underrated and deserve more attention?

“I’m enjoying music from ARTCHE, Moonwalk, Earthlife, Dyzen and Early Tepshi at the moment.” 

How do you think your music has changed over the years?

“I think it has evolved melodically for sure. I would like to think my drum work, eq’ing etc has improved too. I’m genuinely trying to continue to learn each and every time I’m in the studio. I’m finding the whole ‘less is more’ concept is so true.”

If the UK Brexits could it affect you playing in Europe and how?

I don’t really know much about it all to be honest. Everyone I speak to at home seems to have a different opinion on it. I think it may have a small effect and by this we may need some sort of Visa or something but I don’t know if that will be a yearly thing or per gig or what.”

Can you pick 3 tracks that are likely to make an appearance in your set when you come to Cafe Del Mar Bali?

The experience of a  wild electronica feast by Cristoph has us drooling. Lock down November 17th in your calendars for front row seats to Bali’s own famed sunsets as Cafè del Mar Bali Beach Club presents Cristoph.